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For many years, Peaks to Plains Suzuki Institute was a dream of local teachers and Suzuki families who wanted to enhance their local programs by bringing high quality clinicians from various parts of the country to work with their families.  With persistence and support, their dream became a reality in 1997.  A 501c nonprofit organization was formed and we became Peaks to Plains Suzuki Institute.  We function under the larger umbrella of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and are one of many Suzuki summer institutes sponsored by the SAA around the country. 

Our early days were at Dawson School in Lafayette, in brick buildings with no air conditioning, and hiking up and down a large hill in heat waves and pouring rain.  In 2004 we moved to Holy Family High School in Broomfield which was our home for a couple of years.  Next, we found a great facility at The Academy of Charter Schools, first at their main campus, then at their beautiful North Campus.  This year we will be housed at Global Village Academy in Northglenn which will be much more spacious and allow us more flexibility to grow and spread out.

Through the years, we have listened to parents, students and teachers and experimented with a variety of offerings such as guitar, flute, harp and many different enrichment classes.  In 2006, we expanded our program to include a resident Quartet for the first time which has now become our popular Advanced Chamber Camp with The Phoenix Quartet. Thankfully, through all of these changes and ups and downs, we continue to have the support and help of numerous parents and teachers, and each year we are able to provide quality programs for our students and families.

PPSI is considered a smaller institute, which is appealing in that you see the same faces in many classes and it feels more personal and intimate.  Our fabulous faculty each year has attracted both local and more and more out of town families.  We are also known for our variety of enrichment classes which we feel, help support the child’s mind and body along with their musical endeavors. Our uniqueness, I believe, is mostly in the mix of teachers that are carefully selected and who, together, create a special nurturing atmosphere where our students and parents can thrive.



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