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Enrichment Classes

Student participants in the student classes will have the opportunity to enrich their musical experience with the following enrichment classes. Along with 3-4 classes in their primary instrument, each student will be able to select 1-2 enrichment classes to complete their schedule. Siblings can also register for 1 - 4 enrichment classes.


Enrichment classes for PPSI 2017

African Drumming
One of the oldest of all instrument groups, African drums have influenced music throughout the world.  The African Drumming classes will explore traditional rhythms from West Africa on djembes, bells, shakers and other percussion instruments.  Our study will be progressive, beginning with basic strokes and adding more complex rhythms. We will also create our own drum arrangements, incorporating African songs, movement and rhythmic games to accompany our drumming.  These classes are open to students of all ages and experience levels.

African Marimba
Experience the joy of playing the enchanting Zimbabwean-style marimbas while enhancing your knowledge of music theory, harmony and rhythm. In this class we will learn traditional pieces from Zimbabwe, South Africa and throughout the African diaspora. Each day’s class will begin with technique and rhythmic exercises so that we can apply the best skills possible to this new instrument. Class dependent, we may learn songs or rhythmic games to accompany the marimbas and we will work toward developing full arrangements of our pieces. Ages 6 and up.

Afro Fusion Orchestra
Afro-Fusion World Orchestra will give advanced students a unique opportunity to play African-inspired music from around the world on traditional instruments (strings and piano) as well as marimba and a full array of percussion. Students will explore in depth the most fundamental concept of African music, polyrhythm, as they develop skills of improvisation and composition. Fusing traditional African melodies with the sophistication of jazz and the rhythmic complexity of Afro-Cuban music, students will be immersed in a rich, exciting musical genre and will participate in the process of creating original arrangements. Repertoire will be chosen from traditional Zimbabwean, Cuban, and other African-inspired music. Students should be advanced players of their primary instrument (minimum level, Suzuki Book 4). In order to play marimba in this ensemble, students need to have had at least two years of study at PPSI with Andre and/or at least a year of study elsewhere in an ongoing marimba ensemble or class. Students must indicate whether they wish to play their traditional instrument or marimba in this class.

Nature Art.
Discover your wild side in this exploration of our natural world and and your creativity.  Sound, music, color and art surround us each day.  We will use different art techniques to express our interpetation of  the environment  that encompasses us.  So put on your "Picasso Hat" and join us for a fun week. All ages.

Chamber Music Ensemble
Enjoy the art and joy of ensemble playing. For cellist and violist, in Book 3+, violinist Book 4+, pianist in Book 6+. Best efforts will be made to group students by reading and playing level. Ensemble groupings will be dependent on enrollment. Teacher recommendation is required. Extra practice and advanced preparation also required. Extra fee.

If you can sing it, you can learn it in half the time. Join Susan for a fiddle adventure you won’t forget. You will learn songs by ear, improvise and learn several fiddle tunes by the end of the week, Books 1-4. For Book 5+, you will learn any style-Fiddle, Balkan, Klezmer, Jazz, even songs right of the radio, parts and al with alternative technique like chopping, etc. By the end of the week, you’ll be part of a string band!

This class combines singing, listening, playing simple percussion instruments and movement in an integrated program for the young child. 18 months to 5 years old.

Explore how musical concepts mirror life situations through thoughtful movement and musical observation. Classes look at similarities between pulse/pace, rhythm/shift, dynamic/volume, rest, and PAUSE – reading a room. This is a fun way to think about our environment, using music and movement as the starting point. We will work on developing executive functions through: initiation, inhibition, dissociation, physical command, and environmental observation strategies. Ages 6+.

Stories Alive!
Join Susan for an exploration into the many ways we tell stories, through singing and even staging an opera. Each class will also end with one of Susan’s award-winning stories. For ages 4-7.

Sibling Enrichment
Non-Suzuki siblings can enroll in a maximum of three enrichment classes on a space available, age appropriate basis. Fill out a separate student registration form, pay the family registration fee, indicate "sibling" on the instrument line and number the enrichment choices in order of preference.

Classes for Parents
Attend interesting lectures and videos during the week, while your child is in class, free of charge (unless otherwise specified), presented by faculty and experts in the field.



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