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Enrichment Classes

Students will complete their schedule by making enrichment preferences and be scheduled for one of the following choices:

NOTE: Each child will have one free period a day unless you register for an extra enrichment (extra cost). During their free period, students can play outside, observe other classes, practice, read a book, have a snack, etc. Practice rooms will be available and there will be areas to lounge.

Enrichment classes for PPSI 2019

African Singing, Dance, and Rhythm - for all ages
African cultural arts comprise a rich and vast world of sound, rhythm, movement, communication and community that naturally lend themselves to children's music education. This class will give students an opportunity to try some different techniques of African singing such as call and response, vocables and "clicking." We will learn a new song each day from a different region of Africa while also trying some simple traditional African dance steps and learning fundamental African rhythms on small, handheld percussion instruments. This will be an experiential, sensory delight!

Art - for all ages
Explore and learn a variety of Japanese art forms. Discover Gyotako - the art of fish printing, Kitemaking, Sumi e - ink wash brush painting and Anime - hand drawn Japanese animation. Expand your horizons as you explore the world of Japanese art. All ages welcome.

Chamber Music Ensemble - for cellist and violist in Book 3+, violinist Book 4+, pianist in Book 6+
Experience the challenge of playing in a small ensemble and collaborating musically and socially with peers at similar levels. Music and grouping will be determined following the close of registration and sent to students prior to the institute. Teacher recommendation is required. Extra fee.

Choir: Sing the Body Electric – for all ages
Let’s Sing! The benefits of singing in a choir have been well documented and include physical, mental, social, and, of course, musicianship growth. In this class students will learn what it is like to sing in an ensemble by incorporating vocal warm-ups and exercises and developing one or two pieces for performance. Tunes will incorporate different genres from classical to pop to world music. We will introduce the concepts of unison, rounds, call and response, and part-singing (harmonies) in choral presentation. This class is sure to be fun!

Ear Training and Sight Singing – for 9 years old and above
Sight singing is the ability to read and sing music without having a former knowledge of it. It requires a knowledge of relative pitch, intervals, music theory and rhythm and is, therefore, an important skill for any musician to have. In this class we will explore the world of sound, melody and rhythm through a variety of activities including vocal exercises and drills, dictation, games and movement. The goal of the class will be to experience a new and vital tonal and rhythmic study in order to attain a better sense of relative pitch through singing and a deeper understanding of note values and subdivisions through clapping and movement. The skills learned here provide a gateway toward a deeper understanding of sound and, therefore, enhanced musicianship.

Mariachi – for students playing Minuets and above in Book 1
We are bringing the songs and sounds of Mexico to you! Learn about the rich Mexican music culture though a serious of pieces that represent a variety of Mexican states such as Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Veracruz. Be prepared to sing and possibly dance to Cumbias, Polka Rancheras and other styles while we play.

Taiko Drumming – for students 8 years old and above
Come join me (Toni Yagami) and experience the Japanese taiko (drum)! We will learn about taiko history and culture, and compare it to drums from other countries – how different they are, and how similar – just like we are; and how this diversity and music make us all one. We will use buckets to learn the basics of striking the taiko with bachi (drum sticks); the correct kata (body and movement); and learn a song using kuchi-showa and then transfer it to the taiko. Our end result will be a fun Matsuri (festival) song that we can play together!

Ukulele - for all ages
In this class, you will learn how to form chords and strum the ukulele while singing. You will also learn how to read tablature to play melodies without singing and will begin to combine harmony and melody simultaneously to play solos at a high level. The focus of each session will adjust to accommodate the needs of class members so everyone has fun, feels challenged, and walks away ready to dominate the crazy ukulele. This class is appropriate for children who are at least 4 years old and learning to play an instrument.



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