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Teacher Training Classes

  • Violin Unit 3 - Ann Montzka-Smelser, IL
  • Violin Unit 4 - Kimberly Meier-Sims, OH
  • Cello Unit 2 - Alice Ann O’Neill, OH (CANCELLED)
  • Cello Unit 4 - Blake Brasch, CT
  • Piano Unit 3 - Jane Kutscher-Reed, SC (CANCELLED)
  • SECE-Stage 1 - Lynn McCall, CT
  • Harp Unit 2 & Teaching Strategies – Mary Kay Waddington, CO
    • Join PPSI in piloting a new SAA course next summer! Based on the long-term success of Latin America’s “Teaching Strategies” course and answering the need for Suzuki teachers to gain practical teaching skills at earlier levels, SAA is piloting Harp Unit Two with “Strategies” at PPSI in 2019. It’s actually two courses in one – a regular 15-hour Harp Unit 2 course covering Book 2 pedagogy, combined with “Strategies,” a 10-hour class that includes hands-on practicum-like activities and guided practice-teaching. The integrated Unit Two with “Strategies” will begin on Sunday, July 14th, 2019 at noon and run 6 days through Friday, July 19 at 11:30. Participants who complete the integrated course will come away with a great deal of information about Book 2, plus valuable tips for enhancing their own teaching skills. They will be able to register their participation in both the Harp Unit Two and “Strategies” courses with the SAA.
Please click for SAA SECE requirements.

Please click for SAA Teacher Training requirements.

We try to offer teacher training courses which meet the needs of our local teachers. Please let us know if there is a specific book training you would like to see at PPSI next year!

PPSI Teacher Discounts
The program is structured so that teachers receive a discount on their training course tuition when they bring their own students to the institute. The students must attend the full week of PPSI and must be considered a student of the teacher during the week of the institute. The same student cannot be used by multiple teachers for the discount. The discounts are as follows:
  • 5 Students - 50% off tuition
  • 6 Students - 60% off tuition
  • 7 Students - 70% off tuition
  • 8 Students - 80% off tuition
  • 9 Students - 90% off tuition
  • 10 Students - Full tuition paid for



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