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Advanced Chamber Music Program

For a teenage string player, chamber music can be a perfect gateway to a lifetime of music-making. It grows and challenges the teenager's abilities in a fun way, providing a "why" for their practicing. And more importantly, it gives teenagers what they crave: a combination of social interaction with autonomy and individual expression.

Interested in Chamber Music for your teenager? Here are some of the details of the program:

  • 2 week long program
    • 1st week (2.5 hours per day online): A chance to meet your group, get to know one another, learn how your parts fit together and prepare for in-person playing- all while making a recording of your piece in a low pressure setting
    • 2nd week (full day in-person): Deeper rehearsals focusing on collaboration and musical decisions that build upon the camaraderie and group identity established online as you prepare for a performance at the end of the week.
  • For individuals or pre-formed groups ages 14-22 (no previous chamber experience necessary)
  • Directed by Gabe Bolkosky with current and former members of the Fry Street Quartet, Dueling Fiddlers and the Bayberry String Quartet

Join us with a preformed quartet/ensemble or individually. The Bayberry String Quartet will view your video and place you in an ensemble if you don't have one. We will select music for each ensemble and send it to you prior to the music camp so you may familiarize yourself with your part.

The first week (July 11-15) will be held online and focus on foundational aspects of chamber music playing and most importantly, preparation. The Bayberry Quartet will guide you as you create a multitrack recording with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). You will be able to learn your repertoire thoroughly while getting to know each other's playing. A true chamber music experience!

The second week (July 18-22) will be held in-person, full days and focused on interacting with your group and making the music jump off the page for the audience with an engaging performance!


  • Violinist Suzuki book 6, Violist Suzuki book 4, Cellist Suzuki book 5, and beyond into standard repertoire or by teacher recommendation if student is 14 and older and doesn't meet level requirement
  • 14-22 years of age
  • YouTube high quality video performance of your playing (deadline to receive Youtube link is on or before May 31, 2022)

Tech Requirements for Week 1

  • Strong internet connection
  • Device Options
    1. Computer for both Zoom and Soundtrap
    2. Two devices (tablets or phones). One for Zoom and one for Soundtrap
    3. Be sure to attend the technology tutorial to test different configuration
  • A webcam (including built-in) is not required but strongly encouraged for Zoom
  • Non-Bluetooth headphones that connect to your device
  • Account at www.soundtrap.com (it's free)
    • If you want to set this up before the tutorial, download the app for mobile devices or use a browser on a computer
    • Children under 18 must use a guardian's email
    • Review the privacy policy: Please review privacy policy statements for Soundtrap and Zoom.


Week 1 (July 10-15) online:

July 10: 5-6pm MT- Technology Tutorial - prerequisite to using P2V. Learn how the hardware and software work to create a home studio experience that allows for sharing of the musical space.

July 11-14 : 9:30am-12pm MT- online chamber class

July 15: 9:30-12pm MT- online chamber class; 12-12:30pm MT- online sharing of progress

Week 2 (July 18-22) in-person:

July 18-21: 8:30-4:00 In-person chamber classes at PPSI

July 22: 8:30-4:00 In-person chamber classes and concert



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