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Enrichment Classes

As part of the core curriculum, each student will be scheduled in one of the following musicianship classes (as determined by the Director) according to age and individual schedules:

Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Training of the body through rhythmic movement; the senses through intense listening; and creativity through imagination and improvisation in order to enrich and enliven music making.


Martial arts done to a Brazilian beat! Learn cool moves, try fun games, and play Afrobrazilian folkloric songs and instruments. Join Contramestre Beringela, Lewis Lease, who co-leads United Capoeira Association Colorado, and learn to play Capoeira!

Students will complete their schedule by making enrichment preferences and be scheduled for one (or two- if no scheduled technique class) of the following choices:

Art (Japanese Art Forms) - for all ages

Explore and learn a variety of Japanese art forms. Discover art forms such as Origami, Gyotako - the art of fish printing, Kitemaking, Sumi e - ink wash brush painting and Anime - hand drawn Japanese animation. Expand and enrich your horizons as you explore the world of Japanese art.

Ukulele - for all ages

In this class, you will learn how to form chords and strum the ukulele while singing. You will also learn how to read tablature to play melodies without singing, and will begin to combine harmony and melody simultaneously to play solos at a high level. The focus of each session will adjust to accommodate the needs of class members so everyone has fun, feels challenged, and walks away ready to dominate the crazy ukulele. This class is appropriate for children who are at least 4 years old and learning to play an instrument.

Fiddling - Students must be in Suzuki Book 2 or above.

Join world renowned fiddler and teacher, Crystal Plohman Wiegman, to learn traditional fiddle tunes from Irish, bluegrass, and old time styles. These tunes will be taught with authentic style and rhythm and will include an introduction to backup chopping and fiddle kick improv!

Improvisation - Students must be in Suzuki violin book 3 and above, or in Suzuki cello book 2 and above.

Improvisation is present in almost every moment as we speak and interact with one another. When communicating with language, we have a collection of words in our minds and decide how to organize them into sentences in a split second. Inspired by the teachings of Avi Friedlander, this class will explore learning to improvise on our instruments like we learn to speak. We start with sound (rhythms), learn words (notes), put words together to make sentences (calls and responses), and then we speak poetry (improvise on a tune).

Cello Choir - Cello students must be in Suzuki book 4 and above

Come explore the beautiful rich tone of cello choir music! Individual parts will be sent out in advance.

Additional Enrichment Opportunities:

Enrolled Suzuki students may choose to add and pay for an additional enrichment class during their off period.

Siblings ages 4 and up not enrolled as a Suzuki instrumental student at PPSI can register up to 3 age appropriate enrichments classes for the week! Please Note: Family, rather than Individual, Registration fee will then be in effect.



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