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Tuition include 5 classes

Students will be scheduled for a master class, a repertoire class, a technique class (if appropriate), Dalcroze, Musikgarten, Music Lab or Music Theory, and one additional enrichment.

  • Master class – Class with 3-4 students in which each student takes turns receiving one-on-one instruction from a faculty member each day.

  • Technique class – This class focuses on level appropriate technique in a group setting.

  • Repertoire class – This group class focuses on repertoire review, ensemble playing and preparation for concert performance.

  • Musicianship class - As part of the core curriculum, each student will be scheduled in one of the musicianship classes listed below (as determined by the Director) according to age and individual schedules.

  • Enrichment classes – Students may select from a number of enrichments to complete their schedule. See below for descriptions of these classes. Please select choices in order of preference (1-4). Every effort will be made to give students their choices.

NOTE: Each child will have one free period a day unless you register for an extra enrichment (extra cost). During their free period, students can play outside, observe other classes, practice, read a book, have a snack, etc. Practice rooms will be available and there will be areas to lounge.

Musicianship Classes

Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Training of the body through rhythmic movement; the senses through intense listening; and creativity through imagination and improvisation in order to enrich and enliven music making. Ages 5 and up.

This class combines singing, listening, playing simple percussion instruments and movement in an integrated program for the young child. 18 months to 5 years old.

Music-Making Lab
Imagine trying to learn a language without ever expressing your own ideas. That would be difficult, if not impossible. Music is another form of language and musicians need to practice creating and expressing their own musical ideas to achieve fluency. Students will tap into their creative and expressive potential by engaging in the creative and collective process of music-making. Working in small groups and within an encouraging and supportive environment, students will have the opportunity to generate musical ideas, give and collect feedback, and inspire one another.



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