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Early Registration: February 1-February 14, 2023

Regular Registration: February 15- April 30, 2023

Late Registration: on or after May 1, 2023 (Note: late registration is limited to class availability. Please check with the Director to see if there are any openings.)

PPSI Scholarship Application due date- on or before April 8, 2023

Honors Audition Application due date- on or before May 8, 2023


What fees do we pay?

  • Every participant pays a tuition fee and a non-refundable registration fee. (SECE students and Sunday teacher workshop participants are exempt from the registration fee.)

  • Some instruments and programs require additional fees. Please see below for more details.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to read the Refund Policy. 

Registration Fees: fee required for everyone (except SECE students and Sunday Teacher Workshop) (all registration fees are non-refundable

Early Registration (February 1- February 14, 2023)

$55 – individual, $100 – family (enrolling more than one person)

Regular Registration (February 15- April 30, 2023)

$70 – individual, $112 – family (enrolling more than one person)

Late Registration (on or after May 1, 2023)

$130 – individual, $210 – family (enrolling more than one person)


Student Tuition: includes a PPSI t-shirt (except where noted below)

SECE - $115/week OR $25/day (no registration fee and no t-shirt)

Pre-Twinkle - $340

Twinkle and above - $570

Advanced Violin and Advanced Cello Programs - $740

Advanced Chamber Music Program– $740

Extra enrichment class for enrolled Suzuki instrumental student- $95

Sibling enrichment class - $85/class (3 max)

Additional Fees:

Harp Tuning fee -$20 for all harp students (see "what to bring" under "General Information" above)

Additional PPSI t-shirts $20 (once purchased, this is non-refundable)

Teacher Training Tuition: (There are additional fees beyond tuition: registration feecourse materials fee, SAA register course fee, and optional t-shirt fee)

Sunday "Fiddle Pedagogy Teacher Workshop" for violin, viola, and cello teachers- $165 (no registration fee) 

10 hour Enrichment course "Supplementary Literature for Violin Books 5 and Up"-$350

Violin Revisiting Unit 1- $550

Cello Unit 6- $550

SECE Revisiting Stage 1- $575 

Harp Unit 1- $835

Note: PPSI offers teacher tuition discount opportunities for in-person Unit Courses (not enrichment or workshop courses).

If a teacher is enrolling in teacher training in Violin/Cello/Harp/SECE Units and also has students from their studio enrolled and attending PPSI for 2023, you are eligible to receive a discount on your Suzuki Teacher Training Unit tuition (this discount is off tuition only; you are responsible for additional fees (registration, SAA, course materials, t-shirt)).

Discount is as follows:

5 Students - 25% off TT tuition, 10 Students - 50% off TT tuition, 15 Students - Full TT tuition waived

Teacher Observation of Suzuki Student Institute Classes 

$60/day or $150 week (no registration fee)

Note: PPSI offers teacher observation discount opportunities: 

3 students from your studio enrolled and attending PPSI- 1 day observation fee waived

6 students from your studio enrolled and attending PPSI- full week observation fee waived 

Refund Policy

Certain fees are non-refundable (this includes registration fees, additional t-shirt orders, harp tuning fees, extra enrichment class fees, SAA and teacher course material fees). 50% of tuition is refundable if withdrawal is communicated to the director in writing on or before April 30, 2023. Because of the Institute's commitment to faculty and facility arrangements, applicants who withdraw on or after May 1, 2023 will forfeit all tuition and fees. The ONLY exception to this policy is due to positive COVID (see Participant Waiver for specific COVID policy).

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