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Institute Preparation

How To Prepare for Master and Repertoire Classes


Prepare a memorized, polished piece to work on in your master class. Please choose and prepare this piece with your teacher before the Institute begins. 


Prepare for repertoire classes by reviewing the suggested repertoire review list for each instrument below.  This is a suggested guide - students should review the entire repertoire through their current working piece. The pieces chosen for each repertoire class will vary depending on the levels of the students attending the institute.  All repertoire for the final concert will be determined and worked on in group classes at the institute.  

Note: The class teacher may choose to revise this list at the Institute according to the particulars of each group.

Violin and Music Sheet


Book 1 and 2

All pieces

Book 3

Gavotte-  Martini 

Minuet - Bach 

Gavotte in G Minor- Bach 

Humoresque- Dvorák 

Book 4

Concerto No. 2 in G Major, 3rd mvt. - Seitz 

Concerto No. 5 in D Major, 1st mvt - Seitz

Concerto in A minor, 1st mvt - Vivaldi 

Perpetual Motion - Little Suite No. 6 - Bohm

Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, 1st mvt - Bach

Book 5

Gavotte- Bach 

Concerto in G minor, 1st mvt - Vivaldi 

Country Dance -  C.M. von Weber 

Concerto for Two Violins, 1st mvt - Bach



Book 1 and 2

All pieces

Book 3

Gavotte - Martini

Gavotte in G Minor - Bach

Humoresque – Dvorak

Gavotte (from Orchestral Suite No. 3) – Bach

Book 4

Concerto No. 5, 1st movement - Seitz 

Telemann Concerto in G major, I & II

Telemann Concerto for 2 violas I & II

Book 5

Country Dance – Weber

Gigue - Veracini

Nina from Tre giorni son che Nina (L.V. Ciampi, attributed to G.B.           Pergolesi) 

Concerto in C Minor - Seitz



Book 1 and 2 

All pieces

Book 3


Gavotte - Lully 


Gavotte in C Minor


Book 4

Sonata in C Major -1st mvt. - Bréval

Sonata in E Minor 1st and 2nd mvt - Marcello

Chanson Triste 

Book 5

Sonata E minor, 2nd mvt. - Vivaldi 

Danse Rustique




Book 1 and 2 

All pieces

Book 3

Humoresque - Dvorak

Scherzino - Drigo

Serenade a Pierrette - Szulc-Hennebains

Minuet - Bizet

Book 4

Menuetto from Sonata IV - J.S. Bach

Siciliano from Sonata II - J.S. Bach

Minuet and Allegro from Sonata No. 3 in G - Handel

Book 5

Suite in B Minor (Rondeau, Sarabande, Bourree I, Bourree II) - J.S. Bach

Concerto for Two Flutes (2nd and 3rd Movements) - Cimarosa

Allegretto - Godard

Book 6

Suite No. 2 in B minor - J.S. Bach

Concerto for Two Flutes (1st movement) - Cimarosa

Piano Keyboard


Students Playing in the first half of Book One

All Twinkles


Lightly Row

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Students Playing in the 2nd half of Book One

All Twinkles

Long, Long Ago

Chant Arabe

Good-bye to Winter


Students playing in the first half of Book Two


Happy Farmer

Minuet One

Students playing in 2nd half of Book Two


Hungarian Folk Song

Minuet 3 in G Minor

Book 3

1st Movement, Clementi Sonatina, Op. 36, #1

1st Movement, Kuhlau Sonatina, Op. 55, #1

Wild Rider

Book 4 and higher

Prepare the 3 review pieces which come before your recital piece.

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