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Our Purpose

PPSI strives to provide an environment for all children to deepen their artistic expression and knowledge of music, while concurrently becoming thoughtful, sensitive musicians and human beings.  PPSI also strives to support teachers of all levels of experience by providing opportunities to further their Suzuki teacher training. 


Our Mission

To provide children, caregivers and teachers the opportunity to supplement their Suzuki music studies by working with world-renowned teachers in an inclusive, welcoming and nurturing environment.


Our Vision

PPSI develops thoughtful young musicians and citizens of the world through high quality instruction in an inclusive, welcoming and nurturing environment. 


Our Core Values

  • Inspiration and Environment- We share Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy that Every Child Can.

  • Inclusivity and Accessibility- We believe in equal opportunity for all regardless of race, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, or financial need.

  • Empowering Excellence - We provide high quality music education through hiring highly respected and qualified faculty to teach master classes, ensembles, repertoire classes, technique classes, and enrichment classes. 

  • Belonging- We provide a positive, nurturing and safe environment for students and faculty to learn, teach and grow.

  • Collaboration and Community Partnership– We believe in the power of working with others.

  • Character and Personal Growth- We are committed to nurturing the whole child by supporting the continued development of one’s self esteem and self-discipline while fostering self-motivation, thoughtfulness, individual artistic expression, sensitivity and creativity. 

  • Global Citizenship- To be a part of a greater human experience and creating noble citizens of the world.

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