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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I attend PPSI if I don’t have a Suzuki teacher?

You must be studying with a Suzuki teacher to attend the PPSI Student Suzuki Institute programming. You do not need to be studying with a Suzuki teacher to enroll in the Advanced Program. 

2. My teacher is part Suzuki and part traditional.  Can I still come to PPSI?

You must be familiar with all of the Suzuki repertoire up to your level if attending the Student Suzuki Institute as you will be playing memorized Suzuki repertoire at both your master and repertoire classes.

3. How do I prepare for PPSI?

Check the PPSI website for suggested review pieces for your instrument.  Practice these pieces and be prepared to play them memorized at the Institute.

4. Can parents drop off their children in the morning and pick them up after classes?

The Suzuki Method stresses parent participation and a caregiver should be on campus with children (under 12 years), taking notes and learning alongside them, particularly in the 3 core classes.  Students 12+ years must have a way to contact their parents immediately should an emergency occur.

5. Do parents have to take notes and be in enrichment classes with their children?

This is optional and individual to each enrichment teacher.  Most enrichment classes welcome parents but please do ask each teacher first. 

6. Why is my child only scheduled for 5 periods when there are 6 periods each day?

Tuition for students in books 1-3 include 5 classes. You can choose to add an extra enrichment class (pay an additional fee for this addition) if you would like to be scheduled for 6 periods. 

7. What should I do during my free period each day?

You can find a practice room to practice, observe a class, read a book, or take an extra enrichment (you need to register and pay an additional fee for this). 

8. Can I add an extra enrichment on the first day?

Yes, talk to the Director to see what might fit into your schedule.

9. Will there be internet on campus?

Yes, although stable connection is not guaranteed. There is space available for parents to work during their child's enrichment classes in the cafetorium but not in individual classrooms.

10. What do I need to bring to the Institute?

Bring your instrument (if applicable), notebook and pencil, music (relevant Suzuki book/out-of-the-books repertoire or any music that was sent to you for PPSI classes), music stand (if applicable), water bottle, snacks, and have a lunch plan.

11. What should I wear to the final concert?

For Suzuki string players, concert dress is black bottoms, black shoes and black socks, and a white dress shirt.

For pianists, concert dress is recital attire.

Advanced programs will decide as a class at the institute - past years have been black on bottom and a black or colored shirt on top.

12. What if my strings break, I need a new shoulder rest, or a bow rehair?

Robertsons Violin Shop will be on campus Tuesday and Wednesday 8 am-4 pm for supplies and minor repairs.

13. When will I get my schedule?

You will pick up your schedule during registration which takes place in the morning on the first day.

14. Why are Monday and Friday schedules different from the rest of the week?

Monday morning is registration for all and play-ins for Suzuki students. Teacher courses and Advanced Program begins on Monday morning at the same time as the rest of the week. Friday afternoon is the same class schedule in the am as the rest of the week and concerts in afternoon. Our day typically runs from 8:30-4:00 and concerts at 4:15. 

The schedule for Suzuki students:

  • Monday: morning activities include picking up your registration packet and t-shirt, a welcome gathering for all (we will gather to welcome everyone and meet the faculty), and also have play-ins before lunch.  Individual classes begin at 1 and go until 4. The Bayberry Quartet recital will be at 4:15 on Monday.

  • Tuesday – Thursday: students will attend morning classes from 8:30 – 11:30, there will be concerts during the lunch hour, afternoon classes from 1 – 4pm and Faculty Concert on Wednesday and Spinphony concert on Thursday at 4:15 after classes. 

  • Friday: am classes and concert day: You will attend your morning classes from 8:30 – 11:30 am.  You will not go to classes on Friday afternoon, but participate in applicable final performances that afternoon. 

Advanced programs and teacher training classes have the same schedule as above except that they start at 8:30 am on Monday morning and registration takes place before that. 

15. What is a Play-In?

During the play-in, each instrumental group will get together and play together as a group. Sometimes different string instruments will be combined in the same group. 

16. Why is the lunch hour so long?  

Lunch begins at 11:30 (except on the first day).  There will be a performance from 12:15 – 1 on Tuesday and Wednesday and a program picture on Thursday that you are expected to attend.

17. Is the playground available for use during PPSI?

Unfortunately, no, the playground is reserved for Stargate students only. 

18. Will there be Lunch options at PPSI? 

You may bring a sack lunch or buy lunch from the various restaurants that are within walking distance from campus as well as many more within a couple mile radius.

19. What is the last day to register for PPSI? 

Late registration is limited to class availability. Please check with the Director to see if there are any openings. 

20. Am I required to attend concerts?

All Institute activities exist to support the growth of participants and provide a full and valuable Institute experience. Please plan to attend all Institute activities and support the performers. 

21. Can I request when my free hour occurs in my schedule? 

Our priority is to place students in classes that are the appropriate age/level and therefore free periods result from this priority scheduling and can not be easily adjusted. 

22. Do I need to rent a car? 

If you do not rent a car, you can take the bus from the airport to Wagon Road Park-and-Ride in Westminster and take an Uber/Lyft from there to Candlewood Hotel or Hilton Garden Inn which are both walkable distance to Stargate School. 

23. Do you recommend hotels in the area? 

Both Candlewood Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn are both walkable distance to Stargate School and offer discounted rates for PPSI participants. See "accommodations" located in the "Participant Info" then "General Information" tabs for the discount link. 

24. Does PPSI have a Covid Policy? 

See Covid Policy in the PPSI Waiver located in Registration pages

25. Does PPSI have a Refund Policy? 

See Refund Policy located in the Participant Info - General Info menu

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