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Teacher Training and PPSI Observation Registration

Directions to Register for Teacher Courses and Teacher Observation of classes at PPSI

Note: Please scroll down through ALL sections on this page. Each step is individually located on this page and does not automatically populate to the next. All steps must be completed in order to be considered registered and to hold your spot for this summer.  


Directions to complete registration: Registering on a computer (rather than a phone) is recommended. 

Step 1:

  • Manually select items to "add to cart". Please add BOTH a registration fee and a tuition fee for each participant to your cartAdd only one registration fee per family. 

  • You may choose to add additional items to your cart. Options include extra t-shirts (t-shirt and SAA course registration fee is included) and making a scholarship donation. Please consider contributing to our scholarship fund. Any amount is helpful! We thank you in advance for contributing!

  • There may be a Course Materials fee. This is determined by instructor at a later date; if there is a fee, you will be assessed and charged that fee before or at registration. 

  • The non-refundable registration fee must be paid the same day that you submit the registration form below. Tuition is also due the same day as your registration fee.

  • If you are applying for a scholarship or if you need to pay your tuition in installments rather than in full, please add and submit payment for the registration fee and send an email to the director to work out a payment plan for your tuition fee. ALL accounts must be paid in full by April 21, 2024.

Step 2:

Download, print, read, sign, and make a pdf of the Participant Waiver/Liability Release and COVID Waiver form (one per family). There is an area to upload your signed pdf inside the registration form so please download and complete it before filling out application below. To get to step 2, scroll past step 1 or click HERE

Step 3:

Scroll past the fee area to fill out and submit the Registration Form - fill out one form for EACH child.

Scroll To get to step 3, scroll past step 2 or click HERE

Step 4:

Enroll any other students and follow the same steps as above and then please submit payment for your entire family at the same time.

Step 5:

Complete audition requirements for unit training courses- you are responsible for checking the SAA guideline link and following the SAA protocols for audition videos and guidelines. 

Step 1 of 3: Add Registration fee and tuition fee and any additional items to cart 

Registration Fee: One per family: choose "individual fee" if registering one person or "family fee" if enrolling more than one student (Registration fee is waived for Teacher Observers).

Tuition Fee: Choose Teacher Course or Teacher Observation 

Additional Fees:

  • Would you like any extra t-shirts (one t-shirt is included in teacher course fee, but not teacher observer).

  • Would you consider supporting our scholarship fund by making a donation to PPSI?

Reminder!!! This is not the end of registration!

  • Click your Cart button to Submit Payment once all the items for your family are in the cart (cart button is located near menus at top of the page)

  • Please MANUALLY SCROLL DOWN to the next section on this page to move on to Steps 2, 3, and 4 of the registration process- all steps need to be completed in order to register! 

Step 2: Participant Waiver/COVID Waiver

As part of the registration process, please download, read, sign, and make a pdf of your signed Participant Waiver - You will attach the pdf inside the registration form in step 3. 

Step 3: Fill out and submit the Teacher Training and Teacher Observation Registration Form below

Step 4: Click on cart at top of this page and submit payment
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